kevin + tabor

We fell in love with each other through photography, adventure, and storytelling years ago.

It wasn't hard to tell that we were meant to be from the beginning. 

We spent our first months together photographing our adventures on the road traveling to the desert and to the mountains. We've camped and endured crazy hail and thunder storms. We've drank tequila under the star filled sky while dancing to country western music and singing at the tops of our lungs. We've traveled thousands of miles and met hundreds of people. It's been an incredible journey. And it's just beginning.

Now, we capture love. Photographs of real emotions, of real people, in meaningful moments. Love that exists between those who decide to dedicate their love to one another forever is unlike any other love. We are honored to be present in this type of moment. Let us share in your storytelling adventure of life.

With Love,

Kevin + Tabor